The Greatest Story Ever Told ... Is Your Story

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

What is your story?

Three years ago, uncertain of the future and waiting for the job offer that would decide my next step, I asked myself:

What will this next chapter hold?

I have always been a storyteller — from writing and publishing my first novel, Waiting for Sunrise, to capturing the stories of the places I traveled as a Huffington Post blogger, down to my role in the Tech sector in Corporate America as a Digital Storytelling Manager. But the stories I love telling most are the stories of individuals.

How they got to where they are. What lights their fire. What makes them wake up every morning. Where they’re going from here.

Three years ago, as I waited for that job offer, I took on my first professional development client. And with every new client I met from that day forward, one lesson made itself abundantly clear.

The Lesson? Every career is a story.

Over the last three years, I have helped executives to perfect their career stories and write the resumes and LinkedIn profiles that would launch their next step. I have worked with college students to craft resumes that captured their passions and made their experiences shine. I have consulted with my peers as they surveyed a changing job market and wondered how to stand out in the noise.

Meet Storia Consulting.

Storia Consulting is a business committed to helping you tell your story to find the perfect job, career, and next chapter.

Are you looking for your next career step? Wondering if your LinkedIn profile is optimized for your job search? Building your first resume? Figuring out how to write the most effective resume and cover letter for the job of your dreams?

It would be my honor to help you craft your career story. And I can’t wait to go on this journey with you.


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